Solstice Subscription Plans

Get the latest wireless collaboration capabilities and features from Mersive.

As a software company, Mersive is continually innovating to make meetings more inclusive, productive, and engaging. We release an average of four major software updates yearly inclusive of upgrades to current features and brand new capabilities. Solstice Subscription provides access to all software updates, continually increasing the value of our meeting and learning space platform.

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*Does not include Solstice Active Learning Subscription.

We offer two subscription plans:

Solstice Subscription

Solstice Subscription

Solstice Subscription unlocks access to all software updates for Solstice, as well as access to Solstice Conference and Solstice Cloud. What’s included:

Active Learning Subscription

Solstice Active Learning Subscription

Solstice Active Learning Subscription includes everything covered under Solstice Subscription, in addition to real-time video routing and on-demand messaging capabilities across Solstice-enabled displays deployed in multi-screen environments. Requires a Gen3 Pod on version 4.5 or later.

What’s included:

  • Everything covered under Solstice Subscription
  • Active learning capabilities
  • Free 90-day trial available