Solstice Cloud Management maximizes administrator efficiency through easy deployment, organization, monitoring, and updating of Solstice Pods from any location on any device. Customization options include user-defined templates, scheduled updates, and user-defined room groupings allowing administrators to easily scale while optimizing room configurations.

Solstice Cloud Analytics anonymously collects data on Solstice-enabled rooms, such as connected devices, content shared, and meeting duration, providing companies with unprecedented insights on collaboration spaces that can be used to improve productivity of meeting and learning spaces.

New! Deployment Management

Enable administrators to easily deploy, manage, and monitor Solstice Pods to maximize meeting productivity at global scale.

  • Batch import new pods and assign to user-defined groupings.
  • Batch configure new pods using pre-defined templates.
  • Give multiple users access with role-based permissions.

Deployment Management

Scheduled Software Updates

Scheduled Software Updates

Install scheduled over-the-air software updates for your entire Solstice deployment without disrupting room usage.

  • Efficiently schedule Pod software updates outside of business hours.
  • Software upgrade to new features and functionality after your purchase date.
  • Access to new software releases requires current Solstice Subscription.

Meeting Analytics and Insights

Collect an invaluable dataset on how teams use meeting and learning spaces and leverage those insights to optimize utilization and productivity of those spaces.

  • Collect and view data such as peak meeting hours, room usage, meeting duration, and more.
  • Create user-defined categories to collect data unique to your company.
  • Export data for use with third-party BI tools.

Meeting Analytics and Insights

Proactive Monitoring

Proactive Monitoring

Receive proactive alerts to detect and resolve meeting room issues before they cause disruption to end users.

  • Real-time data on the health and status of your Solstice deployment.
  • Configurable email alerts to provide immediate notifications of specific occurrences.
  • Provides administrators with the ability to act before meeting disruptions occur.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Solstice Cloud was built from the ground up with security, stability, and data integrity as top priorities.

  • RSA-based encryption algorithms.
  • Support for SSL-inspecting firewalls.
  • Privacy measures compliant with GDPR.

Learn more about Solstice Cloud Security 

Enterprise- Grade Security

Coming Soon

Solstice Cloud has an innovative roadmap with new capabilities added regularly. In addition to a new look and management capabilities, 2020 is a big year for Solstice Cloud.

  • Trend analysis and collaborative metrics for your spaces
  • Automated categories based on Pod location – country, city, building
  • Additional user trend data and collaborative behavior metrics

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