Solstice Active Learning

Software-based video switching for multi-screen environments.

Solstice Active Learning provides a software-based video routing solution used in multi-screen environments, such as active learning rooms, overflow spaces, and confidence monitors. The drag-and-drop interface allows users to virtually design rooms in minutes and route video in real-time all using the Solstice Active Learning app.

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Solstice Active Learning provides educators with a flexible, software-enabled solution for designing and using multi-screen environments for active learning. Rather than custom programming AV control for each room, our Active Learning app uses an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to virtually design and enable a new active learning space in minutes.

Once a space is enabled, moderators use the app to easily route video or broadcast messages on team displays, enhancing the teaching and learning experience.

Flexible and Affordable

Solstice Active Learning is the most innovative software-based video routing solution that makes technology-enabled active learning more accessible and adaptable than ever before.

  • No custom hardware or specialized programming required.
  • Dramatically lower total cost of ownership than hardware-based solutions.
  • Flexibility to repurpose existing spaces without having to physically reconfigure equipment.



Easy to Deploy and Use

Solstice Active Learning revolutionizes deployment of multi-screen spaces through a powerful, intuitive software user interface.

  • Virtually design rooms and route video via drag-and-drop interface.
  • Deploy in hours, not weeks or months.
  • Consumer-like user experience allows moderators to configure the learning space without IT support.

Designed for Educators and Trainers

Beyond software-based video routing, Mersive’s solution delivers valuable functionality designed specifically for educators.

  • Broadcast message such as ‘Eyes Up Front’ to all team tables.
  • Create custom messages that match your class design.



No Additional Hardware Required

Mersive’s solution leverages Solstice Pods deployed on the existing WiFi/ethernet network(s) to unlock powerful video routing.

  • Moderators download the Active Learning app on their laptops and/or mobile devices.
  • Students share content via browser, AirPlay, Miracast, or the Solstice app.
  • Active Learning API also enables integration with third-party systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

How should Solstice Active Learning rooms be deployed?

Solstice Pods in the multi-screen environment should be connected via ethernet to the same subnet/VLAN. This ensures low latency video between Pods for the best experience. Network traffic from student and facilitator devices can be routed from independent subnets/VLANs as needed, for example separate student and faculty networks.

What is the maximum number of displays I can have within a Solstice Active Learning environment?

Our recommended number of displays varies depending on use case and type of content being shared. Download our Active Learning Performance White Paper to see the expected frame rate based on the number of displays.

Which devices are supported with the Solstice Active Learning app?

Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS devices are all supported.

As the facilitator, do I need to download both the Solstice Active Learning app and Solstice app to share a presentation and route to the displays?

The facilitator should download the Solstice Active Learning app to route and control video within the multi-screen environment. The facilitator can also download the Solstice app if they would like to share content from their facilitator device. Alternatively, there are also other ways to share from the facilitator device, including AirPlay, Miracast, browser-based sharing, and via the Pod’s wired HDMI input.

Does Mersive have recommendations for active learning pedagogy?

If active learning is a new style of teaching, we encourage that you access resources and experts at your institutions in order to design active learning environments and develop instructional strategies.
Mersive is dedicated to building complementary technology to further enhance these unique learning spaces. In order to create the best product, Mersive continually researches and collects feedback from educators and incorporates into new capabilities that are available on a regular basis.