Mersive is transforming meeting culture from long, boring presentation-style black holes into inclusive, fun, and engaging experiences that drive innovation and productivity.

We believe sharing is king. Our tech ensures it.

Our flagship product Solstice delivers unparalleled ease of use for meeting goers and ease of management for IT administrators. Solstice Cloud, our cloud-based meeting room monitoring and analytics platform, centrally monitors Solstice-enabled meeting rooms to provide powerful analytics on user collaboration and room utilization. Together, Solstice and Solstice Cloud empower organizations to optimize their common spaces for greater usability, productivity, and ROI.

The Mersive Culture

Our culture
Our culture
Our culture
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We believe the workplace should be meaningful, connected, and enjoyable for everyone.

Our diverse and inclusive office runs on intellectual honesty and rigor. We value intrinsic curiosity and a willingness to consider all viewpoints while being unabashedly innovation-driven and data-verified.

We take our work extremely seriously but not ourselves. Self-advocacy is championed as is monthly happy hours, weekly in-office yoga classes, and quarterly out-of-office team building events.

Who We Work With

We work with more than 8,000 corporate and higher education customers including many Fortune 100 companies.

“Working for a company where I can interact with the CEO and Founder on a regular basis provides great insight into our vision for the future.”

Eric Garwood, Mersive IT Director

“Cross-functional collaboration happens on a daily basis at Mersive and is at the heart of our how we innovate. The diversity of ideas leads to better results, and the process brings teams together in a tight-knit company culture.”

Troy Suttle, Mersive Director of Product Marketing

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