How it Works


Bring Your Own Meeting with Solstice

  • Leverage the calendar, content, and conferencing apps on users’ devices.
  • Share and control multi-source content in any web conferencing session.
  • Supports Android and iOS mirroring in Zoom, Teams, and other meetings.

A New Class of Room System

Powerful Collaboration

Multi-participant BYOD content sharing, control, and markup allows your team to share their best ideas.

One-step Meeting Start

A one-step start regardless of conferencing service provides a consistent and easy way to get any meeting started.


Wireless USB Connectivity

Users access and control room cameras, mics, and more wirelessly from their laptops.


Agnostic Room Conferencing

Seamless support for all major conferencing services provides meeting flexibility without vendor lock-in.

Touchless Meetings

User devices drive the meeting, eliminating high-contact touch points such as room consoles.

Enterprise Secure & Scalable

From security hardening to cloud management, Solstice is designed with security and scalability in mind.

Looking for a Zoom, Teams, or Webex Room Solution?

Learn how Solstice works with Zoom, Teams, and Webex running on users laptops to deliver a BYOM room system.

One Platform for Any Meeting or Learning Space

Through powerful software-based capabilities and a flexible I/O hub, the Solstice Pod delivers new levels of collaboration in every meeting and learning space.

Huddle Space

Conference Room

Personal Office


Solstice delivers big room collaboration on a small room budget, perfect for huddle spaces and small meeting rooms.
Designed for the conference room, Solstice makes these spaces easy to use and manage by removing cost and complexity.
Host and join meetings seamlessly from personal offices with Solstice’s support for local collaborators and remote connectivity.
Solstice is great for learning spaces too, supporting blended learning, hybrid learning, and active learning models.

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Learn More About the Solstice Ecosystem

Find out how Mersive’s other products expand the core Solstice platform to deliver more value to your meeting and learning spaces.